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We’re a passionate bunch of people who love to invent, challenge and disrupt the status quo. Since 2009, we’ve had a hand in helping 50,000 brands connect with their communities. Now, we want to change the way communities everywhere connect.

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From one city to the next, we’re reconnecting communities like yours by empowering the people who make them — the leaders, the influencers and the dreamers. This isn’t your parents’ online newspaper. This is local media rebuilt from the ground up.

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Jason Kintzler

Founder / CEO

Fabian Lobera


Amanda Gaudern

Client Services

Will Hill

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Johanna Vulpius

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Rumaldo Holguin

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Jenna Mayer

Community Engagement

Jordan Carr

Maven in Training

Carrie Haderlie

Community Maven - Dally

Joshua Scheer

Community Maven - County 10

Ernie Over

Community Maven - County 10

Clayton Tanner

Community Maven - Oil City

Jill Thompson

Community Maven - Buckrail

Kimberly Paulson

Community Maven - Shortgo

Brenda Kirk

Community Maven - County 17


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Community Maven - Oil City


Content Creator

Work in your community.

We’re aggressively seeking incredible communicators to join and grow our brands in existing and forthcoming communities. Investigative, long form journalists need not apply. If you can write a killer tweet or snap an epic instagram you’re probably what we’re looking for!

Roaming free in Wyoming.

When it comes to understanding small business we’re as real as it gets. We lay claim to the most remote tech startup in the country, but don’t let our small town authenticity fool you. We’re changing the world.

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