Month: December 2019

Top 5 Data Analytics Project to advance your learning.

Learning by doing is the best way to learn. Whether you want to advance your career in Data Science or you are just entering into the world of data, having hands-on experience with a real-world project will go a long way in advancing your career. Here are the top data analytics projects that will help […]


Introduction to Data Analytics

The amount of data that organizations and governments continue to gather is growing exponentially year over year. And a recent report by Microsoft explains, an average smart city will generate 250 petabytes of data in a single day by 2020. In this intro to data analytics, you’ll get a taste of what it really is, […]

business models

Are Marketplace and Aggregator Business Models Different?

With the likes of Amazon and Uber dominating their targeted niches, everyone has been wondering how these giants have been able to profit from their business models. These companies are known to be pioneers in their respective categories. Everyone wants to know the secret behind their massive success. Their massive success lies in the business […]

Learn How Paytm Business Model works

It is mind boggling how Paytm affords to pay so much money in cashbacks to their clients. For a company to sustain itself, they need to make profits. So, how does Paytm business model make profit so that the company is afloat and growing? We dive into the gritty details to learn about the cogs […]