App Pitch Decks are easy to create

You may have heard about all kinds of pitch decks. App pitch deck is a pitch deck that is created for mobile applications.

Mobile application pitch decks are not different from the usual pitch decks. However, they do contain some details or extra information that differs from your conventional pitch.

An app pitch deck is geared towards a more technical setting. Some of the technicalities are included in the pitch deck for better understanding of the UI and product.

Formula of a stellar pitch deck for your app concept

In the past, we have talked about how to create exceptional pitch decks. The inspiration behind this article is to help you overcome the woes of developing an app pitch deck.

This pitch deck will help you to receive plaudits from the audience. A compelling pitch deck is the first step in securing potential investment.

Your pitch deck helps you to set meetings with venture capitalists who want to invest in your products. In addition to this, app pitch deck gives a preview of your application.

The preview helps in the decision making process of investors.

Prototypes help

Unlike other pitches, when you are presenting a mobile application, you have a prototype of your application with you.

A working model of your product helps the investors to envision the capabilities of your product. Hence, this can work in your favor when you pitch your application to potential investors.

What to include in your app pitch deck?

The main focus of your pitch deck should be to leave your audience in awe.

A good pitch is simple and communicates the message effectively. It tells a persuasive story that entices the investors to meet you in person.

Successful pitch decks include:

  • entrancing stories
  • attractive design
  • information to back up your claims

There is nothing better than evidence that validates the claim you make. Moreover, this helps to build trust and credibility.  

Refine the data in your pitch deck

Investors like to see numbers and graphs that show the value of your product.

They want products that can double the investments they make.

The numbers help them to project expected revenue generation and the popularity of your application. Refine your statistics to create different charts and graphs to accentuate the data available.

The investors will love to see this.

However, the data you include in your charts should not be ball park figures. They should be numbers calculated after persistent research.

Use more visuals

Also, only include information in your app pitch deck that is necessary.

The best pitch decks are not wordy and use text to a minimum. Use visuals to communicate your message.

Visuals tend to stick with most people, while they often forget lengthy texts.

Design your pitch deck

A good design is key to a good pitch deck. A design holds great weight.

A pitch deck with a design that is the embodiment of your application and brand image is attractive.

Furthermore, investors appreciate pitch decks that are pleasing to the eye. A trendy pitch deck design will garner more interest from potential investors.

Moreover, use of graphic helps you to cut down the words you use in your pitch deck. A visual or a graphic can help you to communicate your message strongly.

Also, a stellar design will make your pitch deck stand out. However, you cannot make up for the lack of quality pitch deck content with good design.

Exceptional design will help you to capture attention, but it is your content that keeps them focused.

Incorporate your application in your pitch deck

Unlike other pitch decks, you do not solely depend on numbers to win over potential investors.

App pitch deck allow you to include working prototypes or beta version of your application in the pitch deck. Hence, investors will appreciate details such as UI design, flow, and features of your mobile application in the pitch deck.

They want to know the full capacity of your finished product. Lastly, a glimmer of the final application can help you to turn potential investors into investors.

Practice your presentation

Seasoned founders are well aware of the funding process. As a new startup, you may need to present your pitch deck to various potential investors.

A pitch does not last for an eternity. You only have a meager ten minutes to go through all the important details about your application.

Also, practicing your pitch and pitch deck helps you to present confidently. Moreover, it helps you to manage your time efficiently.

Venture capitalists often have very strict time restrictions. Hence, it is better to practice your presentation.

Practice will help you to end your presentations on time.

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