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Data Analytics in Healthcare Sector

Healthcare data, when used with data analytics, provides valuable insights for the hospitals to improve their quality and patient welfare. Hospitals have long been using descriptive analytics to diagnose the patient based on their medical record. Doctors also use descriptive analytics to find the current health state of the patients. But descriptive is only the […]

Different open-source data analytic tools

Data Analytics is a growing field that is becoming a significant part of any business field. Due to this popularity, there are lots of tools and software that are available for you to do analytics. Some of them are open-sourced and some of them are proprietary. But, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. When […]

Learn analytics and become a data analyst.

Data Analyst is one of the high paying, in-demand jobs right now. Every company despite its field is becoming data-driven. They are trying to find value with their data. They can outsource the job to other companies or hire their own analyst team. Whatever the decision may be, a data analyst is the one who […]

Trends in Data Analytics

Data Analytics has seen tremendous growth in the last 5 years. Data Analytics is now not just a luxury item that only big organizations can deploy. In the last decade, the availability of cloud, open-source frameworks, and tools made it possible for even small companies to deploy data analytics. With many small to medium businesses […]

The strategy behind Data Analytics.

If you’ve been reading my post, then you’d know that data analytics is the most disruptive technology impacting all the organizations. Everywhere around the world, Businesses are trying to become data-driven. That is, they are using the data to improve their performance. For a new business trying to adopt data analytics, a strategy must be […]

Why Customer Data Analytics matters?

Customer Data Analytics is the process of analyzing the customer data by a business to create a profile about the customer. With that profile, a business can predict user behavior and can target personalized services for them. The business has long understood the value of customer data. By creating a personalized experience with the customer […]

How data analytics brings success to a company?

There is no denying that businesses profit from using data analytics. In today’s competitive world, satisfying customers and increasing revenue are becoming a priority for any business. Data analytics helps the business just to that. As businesses become aware of the value of data analytics, they tend to gravitate towards it. Here I’ve consolidated some […]

The cools ways in which Spotify recommends music to you.

Today, Spotify is the world’s leading music streaming company with over 150 million years. When it was launched in 2008, streaming music via the internet was already there. But what made Spotify unique was its use of data analytics to curate playlist. Spotify generates an astonishing amount of data each day. It uses these data […]

Data Analytics in Retail Industry.

The competition in the retail market is really high. With the need to satisfy customers and increase profit, the retail companies are using data analytics in all stages of the retail process. The online retail companies like Amazon, e-bay were one of the first to use data analytics in the retail industry. Data Analytics made […]