Top 5 Data Analytics Project to advance your learning.

Learning by doing is the best way to learn. Whether you want to advance your career in Data Science or you are just entering into the world of data, having hands-on experience with a real-world project will go a long way in advancing your career. Here are the top data analytics projects that will help to master this growing technology.

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Cancer detection.

Data Analytics is playing a big role in improving the health care sector and in this project, you’ll work with the breast cancer data. You can get datasets from the UCI repository, which is the go-to place to find health-related datasets.

The dataset consists of 32 different attributes of cancer for 569 anonymous patients. The dataset doesn’t have any noise, which makes it a good data analytic project for beginners. The problem is to classify the dataset into a benign or malignant form of cancer by using the features. This is a beginner level project that requires basic Python programming knowledge.

Get data and tutorial for reference from here.

Stock Prediction.

Stock market prediction using analytics is available for a long time. But with the abundance of data and sophisticated algorithms available now, predicting the stock will be an interesting data analytic project for aspiring data analyst.

The stock market data is procured from Quandl. The dataset is organized but has various unwanted features that need to be cleaned before analyzing it using the regression algorithm. This is a beginner to intermediate level analytic project that requires basic mathematics and python programming skills.

Get data and tutorial for reference from here.

Sentiment Analysis of textual data.

Every major organization that has customer data deploys sentiment analysis to find the attitude of the customers towards the organization. From amazon product reviews to facebook posts, sentiment analysis is used to filter harmful data.

It deploys a language processing algorithm to analyze the textual data. There are different data sources for this project from Twitter data to Amazon customer reviews. This project will help you to learn one of the important data analysis technique that is now ubiquitous, the natural language processing. It is an intermediate level project that requires good python and mathematical knowledge.

Get data and tutorial for reference from here.

Vox Celebrity audio classification.

This is an intriguing data analytic project that analyses audio data to find the celebrity. Audio classification is one of the most explored subjects in data analytics. Many applications like the Google recorder app uses audio processing and classification to improve their ability.

The dataset is procured from VoxCeleb and has voice clips from 7000 plus celebrities taken from youtube videos. The project uses a convolutional neural network to analyze the audio data and give you a good understanding of neural networks. It is an advanced level project that requires deep mathematical and programming skills.

Get data and tutorial for reference from here.

Image classification of Indian Actors.

If you are serious about your career in data analytics, then you should know to work with images. This project works with deep learning and neural network to process the image. Image processing and classification is the current trend in data analytics.

This fascinating project uses images of Indian actors to find their age. You can get datasets for this project from Imagenet and there are about 20k images that you can use to model your deep learning network. This project requires you to have deep knowledge about neural networks and programming logic.

Get data and tutorial for reference from here.

Data analytics is a booming area and there is a lot to learn in it. These projects cover every area in it from text to image analytics and will help your career grow. For more projects, you can visit Kaggle where you can interact and learn from fellow community members.

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