Pitch Deck Content That Guarantees Success

pitch deck content

Pitch deck content is a crucial component of a successful pitch. A good pitch requires a marketable product and a compelling pitch deck to complement the product. Alluring designs can help you to capture the attention of our audience, but it is your product and the pitch deck that will keep them focused. You can spend thousands of dollars on your pitch deck design, but that cannot make up for any shortcoming in your product and pitch deck content.

Investors have a myriad of options. Hence, you need to take advantage of the meeting with the venture capitalists. The meeting is to convince them that your product has a huge target market and has a sustainable revenue generation model. You may have an exciting product that has the capabilities to dominate its target market. However, if you fail to communicate your product idea effectively, even an exciting product would fail to get investment.

Pitch deck content that investors are interested in

Investors want to hear specific things in the pitch. In most cases, startups fail to address these crucial things that an investor wants to hear. As Guy Kawasaki, a celebrated marketing specialist, once said, “As a venture capitalist, I have to listen to hundreds of entrepreneurs pitch their companies. Most of these pitches are crap”. Ten minutes are not enough to talk about all the great features of your product. No matter how much you practice your pitch, you will always fall short. In addition to that, if the venture capitalists were only interested in the features of your product, they could just read it off the pitch deck.

Pitch deck content that catches the eye!

There are certain things that tend to interest investors when they are listening to a pitch. They want to know why your startup is different from the competition. A company without any innovation cannot survive long in a homogeneous market. Furthermore, they want to hear reasons that make your startup a good investment. Moreover, they want to be convinced. They want to know why this is the perfect moment to invest in your venture. Lastly, you need to make them trust you. Investors will only invest in your venture if they find you credible enough.

What makes you different?

A growing market has a lot of competition. Different companies want to grab the largest market share. Investors will steer clear of you and your business idea if you try telling them that your business idea has no considerable competition. This statement has either of the two conclusions. The first one is that your business idea does not have a strong target market. In this case, the investors will be wary of investing in your idea. They want to make money in return. If the target market is small, the revenue generation will be minimal. The second conclusion is that the investors start to feel that you may be trying to trick them into investing in your idea. A growing market will always have competition.

Include why you are good investment in your pitch deck content

A startup in its seed process may not have enough statistics to show the value of their product. In that case, you should show numbers that prove that there is demand for your product in the market. Furthermore, if your product is past the seed round of investment, show numbers on how you used the investment to drive the productivity and revenue of your product. Seeing is believing. This works well in the investment market. They are more likely to invest in your venture if you have statistics to back your claims.

Stress on why they need to invest now

Use the ‘fear of missing out’ technique here. Make them feel that they would be missing out on a great deal. Moreover, include details on why they should invest now instead of waiting. For example, the government might enforce stricter tax laws in the coming months. An early investment means that your startup will have more money to work with. Or maybe your product has more sale in a certain season, and you are approaching that time of the year soon. Hence, they should know when to invest.

Include things in your pitch deck content that confirm your credibility

Lastly, you should give something to the investors that you and your company are credible. Venture capitalists willing to spend millions on your project idea need assurance. Past experiences and success is a good indicator of credibility. Testimonials from your existing customers helps too.

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