5 Inspiring Pitch Deck Color Schemes

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Pitch deck color schemes are available online. People are more likely to remember things or information that are pleasing to your eye.

Humans have a tendency of imprinting things on their minds when they see them. This is important information for any startup or entrepreneur that is looking to sell their product.

If they can come up with a visual that sticks with their targeted audience, they can have massive success at their hands. Hence, it is crucial to select a pitch deck color scheme that is professional and pleasing to the eye.

A product or idea will only sell if the people remember it.

Seek inspiration!

Pitch deck inspiration could be sought from different templates found on the internet. You can use that inspiration to select a color scheme that is the personification of your brand image.

Good pitch decks have color schemes similar to the product involved. The pitch deck color schemes are available on the internet, and you can always make your own.

Creating your own color scheme from a host of pitch deck color schemes showcases the uniqueness of your product. However, it is considered fine if you wish to use an available color scheme.

An integral thing to consider: color is a constituent that plays a huge rule in success or failure of a design. This is also true when we consider pitch deck designs.

All successful pitch deck inspirations have carefully selected colors that go well with the template included.

It becomes challenging to choose a color scheme when you have a vast number of options. When choosing the color scheme of your pitch deck, one should consider these things: the colors selected should represent your company or the product and the readability of the pitch deck should not be affected.

When projecting pitch decks, it is advised to use backgrounds with lighter tones. It is important to take care of background color selection because most pitch decks are projected on screens. Light toned backgrounds make reading easier.

High contrast backgrounds are visually attractive, but they skimp on readability when it is projected.

We have organized a lineup of 5 pitch deck color schemes to inspire you. Take a look and choose the one which fits best on your product.

The last hex code mentioned is the color of the background.

1. Blue with a touch of modernism

pitch deck color schemes

HEX Codes: #1A4E66 #E26C22 #FFFFFF

When you start your venture, it is not uncommon to have no color scheme decided for your pitch decks. Also, even if you do, let us say that you wish to switch things a bit. This color scheme gives your presentation light and trendy look.

This blue color with a shade of gray makes it stand out, and the slight touch of orange gives it a nice touch. You can get this color scheme here.

2. Hornet: Combination of black and yellow

pitch deck color schemes

HEX Codes: #3A3839 #FED650 #FFFFFF

You may feel that this combination might be a little too dark, but the black with hints of gray mixes well with the yellow. You should use the hex color values mentioned above to get the perfect combination.

This is a bold color choice and sends out a message that your company believes in taking calculated risks. Black or light color backgrounds when paired with this pitch deck color scheme look best.

You can get this color scheme here.

3. Light blue: a go-to color for presentations

pitch deck color schemes

Hex Codes: #BAEDFF#5D798E#FFFFFF

Any startup or entrepreneur cannot go wrong with this color scheme for their pitch deck inspiration. It gives a breezy and professional look when coupled with a little bit of gray.

White and black text on this color scheme is easier on the eyes when reading. You can get this color scheme here.

4. Go for minimalism with a black and white color scheme

Hex Code: #ECECEC#000000#FFFFF

Nowadays, minimalism is the latest trend, and everyone is jumping on this bandwagon. Even the most famous brands are opting for a minimal look in their designs. Minimalism id an evergreen style. The combination of black and white gives your pitch deck a sophisticated look.

Also, the color scheme does not take away the attention of your audience. Moreover, the text becomes more prominent when the design is minimalist. You can get this color scheme here.

5. Red and Black for a bold look

# E90039#FF1800#2B2B2D

This color combination could be your pitch deck inspiration if you like bold colors. It is a modern design that works best when your pitch deck is being displayed on a digital screen. Projectors often have a hard time displaying the words properly.

However, it is to be noted that this pitch deck color scheme works best only for specific products and audiences. Lastly, you can get this color scheme here.

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