5 Ways to Select the Perfect Pitch Deck Templates

pitch deck templates

Trendy pitch deck templates can help you to grab the attention of your audience and can help you to seal the deal you always wanted to. Presentations can be boring after a bit if the slideshow is monotonous.

While simple pitch deck designs are often desirable in some cases, too much of simpleness puts you at risk of missing out on the funding you were hoping to receive. Like everything, you need to strike a balance when selecting pitch deck templates.

A lot of templates come built-in with PowerPoint or any other slideshow software of your choice. You can also download a host of amazing pitch deck templates that are available on the internet. Some of these templates are either free or paid, but you can customize them to your liking.

While you always have the option to make your own custom template, buying and customizing a ready-made template saves a lot of valuable time.

Especially when you are a budding startup or entrepreneur, you need to devote as much time you can give to your product. So, you always have the option of grabbing one of the pitch deck templates available online.

Whether you make your own template or download one off the Internet, you should follow these steps to make sure that your pitch deck is professional and serves the purpose.

1. Keep the audience in mind

It is important to not forget about the audience you will be presenting to. Things that you should consider while keeping your audience in mind should be:

  • Will the audience be looking at the slides when someone is presenting it live?
  • Does the audience consist of people who would be viewing the presentation online on their own?
  • From which part of the world does your audience belong to?

After considering these questions, use the answers to these questions to help you pick the right pitch deck template.

You will eventually realize that the answer to these questions will change the type of color scheme or images you include in your slideshow.

Keeping your audience in mind is considerate and only makes it easier for you to capture their attention.

2. Choose a template that you can customize

pitch deck templates

If you decide to buy or download pitch deck templates, it is important to consider if the template is customizable or not. It is good to have some flexibility on your side and make the template as your own.

A template might look good, but the color schemes or the typography might not match with your brand image, in situations like these, it is better to have a template that allows you to change things.

Most free templates come with one kind of styles and designs. Paid templates have a host of customization options that allow you to change the design, color, charts, typography, etc.

When buying premium options available online, look for the things you can edit. The more options, the better because this will allow you to use those pitch deck templates multiple times.

3. When you cannot decide between flashiness or simplicity, go with the latter

pitch deck templates

While this may sound contradictory at first, let us clear ourselves. Pitch deck templates that have lots of transitions and animations can be distracting. Moreover, they do not add any real value to the template you are buying. Hence, it is better not to pay for these options. Also, your main goal is to attract your audience with the content inside the slides. You do not want to deviate the attention of your audience from the content.

You can always go for a simple look when opting for pitch deck templates, but you should also keep in mind that the design should not be bare bones and too simple. Try to strike a balance when going for a minimalist design. It should look professional and sophisticated without looking too simple.

4. It is good to have several slide types

pitch deck templates

Having multiple slide variants for different content types is a good thing. You do not necessarily need to edit or make them if you have these built-in.

Title slides, header slides, video and image slides, info-graphic slides, and text slides are few types of slides your pitch deck template should have.

5. Your template should reflect your brand image

pitch deck templates

Make the pitch deck all about your product. Your pitch deck design should have influences from your brand image.

Furthermore, you are more likely to reuse a template if the template you use is a reflection of your company.

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