Best Pitch Deck Fonts Available on the Internet

When coming up with a pitch deck, the content and the design are the two most important components. You should choose a set of fonts that are clear and easy to read. This is where the design part comes in: color schemes, templates, fonts, etc.  You not only need to pick a design that looks professional and trendy, but you also need to select pitch deck fonts that provide good readability. There is no point of stellar content if the audience cannot understand them.

Things you should consider

Before selecting the font for your pitch deck, there are several things that need to be considered. Firstly, you should know how your presentation will be displayed.

Projectors have inferior displaying capabilities when compared to digital screens. Digital screens are capable of displaying all fonts with great clarity, but projectors often give slight fuzzy results.

Pitch deck fonts that have little spacing between them might be confusing to read when the audience is positioned far away from the screen. All of this needs to be considered when choosing a font.

Secondly, the selected pitch deck fonts should also match with the overall design of your pitch deck. A font that does not match with the whole aesthetic is considered an eye sore.

The font may seem out of place, and this is considered laziness on the part of the company. Pitch decks are supposed to be professional and are often the first impression of your company. If you wish to bring financiers on board, you cannot afford to give a bad first impression. Do not go with funky fonts unless it sets well with the product you are selling.

A problem with funky fonts is that they are often hard to read. Before the final presentation, at least project your pitch deck once to make sure there is no readability issue.

Why and where to look for more fonts?

While you can simply just use the default fonts that come with PowerPoint when making your pitch deck, it is integral to remember that choosing a distinctive font from a host of pitch deck fonts available gives off a more professional vibe. A unique font will also help you to capture the attention of the audience.

The Internet is a huge treasure cove of stylish fonts. There are so many fonts to choose from. We have shortlisted some of the best pitch deck fonts that we like. You can use a mix of fonts for one pitch deck.

You should not restrain yourself to only one font. Let your creativity flow and use a combination that works the best for your pitch deck.

Use them in your presentations for a more professional look.

1. If you are looking for a formal design, go for Addington

It is a serif font that has a professional look to it. They can be used in any kind of presentation but work best for business related slideshows.

This makes it for a good pitch deck font. You can grab this font from here. It also comes in roman and italic sets with seven different font weights.

2. Looking for a bold font? Look no further, Darius has got you covered

Serif fonts give an executive look to presentations. The bold design makes it a great choice for titles and headings. This font family is elegant and can be even used for paragraphs.

Font weights from light to black are also available in this font pack. Presence of ligatures and international characters makes it a complete package.  

3. A casual look can be achieved with Avera Sans

This font has a soft and casual touch to it. It comes with different font weights and has 3 different styles: brush, handcrafted, and sketch.

The 3 different styles can be alternated to be used for headings and title pages. If your product has a fun vibe to it, this set of fonts will be great.

4. Quinta – Elegance Personified

The Quinta font family is a must addition to pitch deck fonts. The light and pretty strokes make this san-serif font a perfect choice for creative businesses. Moreover, this font should work well with any other kind of presentations as well.

Italic versions with 5 different weights are available in this font pack, making a total of 10 different styles.

The 590 glyphs are a sweet bonus when you acquire this font family.

5. Metrisch for your minimalist design needs

You can achieve a sophisticated look with Metrisch. This san serif font is minimalist and has an aesthetic feel to it.

The seven different weights in the pack make it a complete package as you can use it for titles and texts in your slideshows. It works best for pitch decks.

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