Better Pitch Decks Can Be Made

better pitch deck

Now you can make better pitch decks with our help. The competition is tough. Investors review hundreds of slides every day. It is daily work for them. You may treat your startup like a baby, but for them, it is nothing more than a commodity. They only invest in startups that are promising and will help them earn money. Lastly, it is important to understand that a pitch deck is just not a simple presentation. A pitch requires you to deliver an explanation of your product and the business model you employ. However, not to forget that your pitch deck is the document that helps you to set up the initial meeting with investors. So, it needs to be top notch.

Pitch decks are important

Pitch deck is an important document for an entrepreneur. It is a document that is constantly being updated with new details. If you are a startup, you may need it in the seed process. Later on, you may require it for more funds if you expand your business. So, it is necessary to have a good design for your presentation that is evergreen and reflects your brand personality. Moreover, you can always make changes to your pitch deck design whenever you want. There is no compulsion to stick to one design style.

Better pitch decks keep communication simple

better pitch decks

Your pitch will be successful if you communicate your points clearly. You will do better than most startups if you communicate your message effectively. There can be thousands of great things about your company, but investors will only remember a few after they are done listening to your presentation. Your best bet is to include only the best aspects of your company that sets you apart from the crowd. Make sure that your pitch has impact and the investors remember all the key details at the end of the presentation.

Better pitch decks are easy to remember

How will the audience remember the details? You will need to highlight those details in your pitch and the pitch deck. If there was 50% growth in a quarter? Show that with a graph and a text signifying the growth. Also, try to keep text to a minimum when working with graphs, but do not forget to use them to signify important things. This advice will make transform your presentation into a better pitch deck.

Better pitch decks are easy to read

better pitch decks

Many experts agree that a pitch deck should be legible, simple, and obvious. If your content is not legible, then there is no point of it. Hence, it will be considered a waste of space. Hence, this makes the selection of a high quality font and image extremely crucial. Furthermore, if you jumble up your ideas or use illegible fonts, it will work against you. Not only will the audience be unable to understand the content, but they will also be unimpressed with the design of your pitch deck.

Complicated ideas are known to confuse the audience. During a pitch, you do not have a lot of time unless you are being given special preference for some reason. Hence, you cannot use that time to explain every single detail. Also, any complicated idea in your presentation will definitely need an explanation. In addition to that, this is not considered a good use of the allocated time. Moreover, it is advised not to mix two different ideas in one sentence or point. The idea can be hard to understand that way. Furthermore, that will also make your slide wordy.

Keep the slides to a minimum

You should not include way too many slides in your pitch deck. It is a presentation, so you should keep it that way. Furthermore, try not to turn it into a visual essay. People lose interest rather quickly. If your slide fails to get to the important details early on, there are chances that your audience may not be paying attention, when you get to the vital bits.

What type of font to choose?

Make your text legible and big enough so that everyone in the room is able to read it without any problem. Hence, your text should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be bold
  • The font should be simple
  • Pair your text with a high contrast background

Better pitch decks can be understood at a glance

better pitch decks

Your slides should be obvious. Moreover, the audience may not need to read the slide repeatedly to understand what you are trying to communicate. When working on your pitch deck, ask different people (who are not involved with your startup) to tell the main essence of each slide. If they get the theme right, your pitch deck is good to go.

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