Free Pitch Deck Templates and Tips to Help You Get Started

free pitch deck templates

Free pitch deck templates can be a great start to your pitch deck building process. Some people often have trouble picking from where to start. A template for your pitch deck cuts down the amount of time required to make the presentation. Furthermore, you can easily find many free pitch deck templates online. The time that is saved by the team can be utilized somewhere else. Furthermore, they can also choose to edit the template to their own liking. The power and comfort that templates bring are very convenient, and this is the reason why a lot of startups use free pitch deck templates for their presentations.

Why go for free pitch deck templates?

free pitch deck templates

You can find all kinds of pitch deck templates online. They can either be free or come with a price tag. Pitch deck templates that can be bought have a host of features. They come with more editable options, and they often have better, unique designs. However, budding startups and entrepreneurs may not have the capital to buy an expensive template for their presentation. Moreover, you can download some amazing free pitch deck templates if you look in the right places.

Get a decent template that you like and edit it to make it your own. Your pitch deck design should be a reflection of your company and its value. The color scheme and the fonts used will dictate the image portrayed by your presentation. It is advised to use fonts and colors that reflect your product personality.

Tips to consider when working on free pitch deck templates

Your message should be focused

There is no use of beating around the bush. Investors like presentations that are simple and straightforward. Do not lose their focus with information that is trivial or of little use to them. Investors want to know what your product does and how it can make money for them. Other than this, they want to know what kind of problem your product solves in the market. Moreover, they want to know how well is this problem solved and what sets you apart from the competition. Your job as the presenter is to demonstrate how your product solves the problem better than any other product.

The best pitch decks communicate these ideas in a story that puts the customer through a unique and an elevating experience. The investors are able to picture this in their heads, and this helps to communicate your idea better. Moreover, this allows the investors to see the potential of your product in better light.

Free pitch decks templates are incomplete without the right details

A pitch deck is used to inform the audience about the product. Moreover, the job of a pitch deck is to convince investors to fund your project. You can only turn your potential investors into investors if you give them the right information that helps them to make this crucial decision.

You should mention the size of the target market that is facing the problem stated in your pitch deck. Furthermore, you should include the number of customers that exist for your product. These numbers help the investors to decide whether your product is worth investing in or not.

Also, you should include the business model that is employed in the creation of your product. The investors want to know how the product will make them money. Remember, investors only provide funds to startup that can provide them great returns.

In addition to that, do mention one unique feature or service that your product has that sets it apart from the competition. Investors want to know the unique selling point of your service. It is advisable to go into details when talking about your competitive advantage. If you can communicate this message properly, you have a very good chance of securing the funds. Owing to the fact that you have a product that is marketable.

Sell the sense of urgency

You need to convince the investors that they will miss out on something big if they do not invest in your product. Create a sense of urgency. Make them feel that if they take too much time to decide, they might miss out on a great opportunity. Having a call-to-action in your slide will definitely help in this regard. When investors start to feel that they might miss on an incredible opportunity, they would be begging to invest their money in your product. It is all about creating a sense of environment where your product is the key to a huge breakthrough.

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