Learn What is a Pitch Deck And How You Can Make One

what is a pitch deck
Pitch Deck template examples

What is a pitch deck? This is a question that many startups and entrepreneurs ask when they are in the growing phase.

It is a presentation put up by a company to provide details about their product or service they offer. With time and experience, they realize how crucial is to have a good pitch deck.

The main idea behind a pitch deck is to increase the sales of your product or secure funding for the development of your business idea. A pitch deck is an important tool that is needed by every startup and businessman.  

To create a lasting impression, pitch decks need to be professional and must contain details that set your product apart from the competition.

Furthermore, it should be refined because long pitch decks can be considered boring. Moreover, long pitch decks defeat the purpose of it and make it look like a simple presentation.

With the question, what is a pitch deck, out of the system, we can now focus our attention on how to create an attractive pitch deck that can help you to land crucial funding deals.

What is it like?

Corporate presentations can often be long and tedious depending on the matter at hand. However, pitch decks are shorter in comparison.

The reason being that an investor or a customer is only interested in learning about how the product or an idea would benefit them. Also, you have little time to attract your target, so you need to make it count.

what is a pitch deck

Forbes, the world famous business magazine, mentions in an article that the average length of an investor deck should be 19 slides. It was further suggested that the presentation should be convincing, straightforward, and easy to implement.

Moreover, a pitch deck is often the first thing a lot of financiers see about your company. Hence, it has to be professionally designed and should reflect your brand image.

A good pitch deck is easier to understand and covers all important bases of your idea. You should include information such as why is your idea unique. A great pitch deck will also highlight a real world problem and use your idea or product to solve it. This gives clarity to the investors on how your idea will monetize. Complement this with statistics that back up your product and the market. In addition to that, including things such as how the funding will be used can also help to attract the investor. Remember, the aim of a pitch deck is to get potential investors on board.

5 things That Make a Good Pitch Deck Great

what is a pitch deck

What is a pitch deck and how can you make a captivating pitch deck sounds intimidating, but if you can incorporate these five things in your presentation, you can expect to leave a positive impression on your audience.

  • Brand image: Your brand image is important. Like mentioned earlier, your pitch deck should reflect the personality of your company in the presentation.
  • Create a standard template for your company: When making pitch decks, you do not necessarily need to have new templates all the time. Also, you can make one template that exhibits your company’s personality, and you can reuse it.
  • Sell the value of your idea: Tell what makes your company unique. Why is your idea valuable? What can an investor expect in return if the invest in your venture? Include all of these details.
  • Hook the audience: Use visuals and text to incur excitement about your product. Your sole purpose is to gather the attention of the people. It is easier to get your message across when the audience is paying attention. People do not have very large attention spans, so your content should be short and amusing.
  • Make sure there are no errors: Errors in your pitch deck are not well-received by investors. It leaves a bad impression and portrays an image that your company is not professional. This may scare away potential investors. Hence, it is vital to proofread your content.

Flow of a Great Pitch Deck

Startups and products can be different in nature, but there are some slides that should be included by all companies in their pitch decks.

  • You should include a brief introduction and logo of your company. Investors should know what company they are investing in. An introduction helps them to learn about your company and create trust.
  • Your company’s mission and vision values should be included.
  • A real world problem
  • The solution provided by your company for the problem
  • Market landscape and growth opportunities
  • Business model
  • Financial statistics regarding your company or product
  • Biography of team
  • Information on how the investment will be utilized and the return for investors.

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