Pitch Deck Design : 10 Guidelines to up your game

When you are a budding startup, you need to maneuver deals with investors to get the much needed capital. A pitch deck design could help you land a deal or break it. So, what is pitch deck and what makes it so important?

A pitch deck is the first thing you show to a financier to get the funding you need. It is a presentation that gives the audience a rundown of your business idea. The presentation is brief but it includes all the core structures such as the business model and methods of revenue generation.

Why is it necessary to have a good pitch deck design? The global market is extremely competitive. The number of investors in the market are limited. If you fail to pitch your business idea properly, you miss out on the chance of receiving any funding for your product.

Follow these 10 steps to revamp your pitch deck design.

1. Stick to a visual theme for pitch deck design

Make a design from scratch for your slides or pick a template. The key is to have consistent color, type palette, and design elements throughout your pitch deck design. Your pitch deck designs should have light backgrounds with darker text. This combination makes for better readability when the presentation is being projected.

2. Incorporate your brand in the slides

Before you meet with potential investors, it is vital to have a logo, watermark, and a color palette that complements your idea. Distinct keywords that relate to your product should be decided beforehand.

Include these elements in your pitch deck design to create a vivid impression. When your slides have subtle hints of your brand all over it, investors are more likely to remember your idea and product.

3. Use charts in your pitch deck design

pitch deck design

A rookie mistake some startups make is that they include a lot of text in their pitch deck. If you want to show numbers, use charts instead. It is easier and quicker to digest information that is fed through charts. Moreover, charts add a visual appeal to your pitch deck design.

4. Images are your friend

Images have shown to have greater engagement than plain text included in the slides. They tend to stick in the memory and make it easy to communicate the idea at hand.

Include actual pictures of your product and the team instead of stock photos for a more personalized feel. Images on every slide are not required. Too many images can make the slides look repetitive.

5. Use icons for visual flow

An icon pack matching the template of your slides can be used to group certain texts that pertain to a similar topic. This will organize your text and keep the visual element simultaneously.

6. Make modules of complex information

When including complex information in your pitch deck, it is advisable to break it into smaller chunks for better dissemination. Text in small, modular layouts is easier to read and understand. You can try tiled or other similar layouts to get your message across.

pitch deck design

You can either use color blocks or icons to incorporate the text visually.

7. Only add professional photographs of your team

Some companies tend to include pictures of their team members in their pitch deck design. If you plan to add photographs, invest in a professional photographer to have consistent shots. All the photographs should have a similar background and may carry a theme to it.

8. Type hierarchy is just as important as team hierarchy

Good pitch deck designs have a text hierarchy for an orderly look. Type hierarchy enhances the readability of the text and separates the important bits of text from the less important ones.

9. Don’t forget the contrast in your pitch deck design

pitch deck design
High contrast difference between text and background

When selecting color palettes and theme for your pitch deck design, do not forget to use elements that have stark contrast differences.  Similar contrast in elements often results in poor readability when a presentation is projected.

10. Get creative with slides

pitch deck design

The perfect pitch deck design does not have a specific recipe or steps set on stone. You can do anything which would allow you to create a positive impression on potential investors.

If a slide contains lots of text, use creative ways to use visuals to make it less text intensive. Visuals are easy to digest, and they seem to last longer in memory than text on a screen.

Graphics that shorten the text such as timelines, graphs, or word clouds are just a few examples that can make your slides visually attractive.

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