Tips to Create the Best Pitch Deck

You need to have the best pitch deck to stay ahead of the competition. Picture this, you are standing in a conference room with all the eyes on you, as you present your investor pitch. With so many people focusing on you, you want to be at your very best. Hence, it is necessary that you employ all the bells and whistles to come up with the best pitch deck. Your pitch deck should be convincing and eye-catching. It should have some element that your pitch deck stands out from the other presentations. We have mentioned some elements in this post that will help you to captivate your audience and win them over.

It can be difficult to design a pitch deck when you do not have a designer on your team. Moreover, the pressure of representing your startup in front of venture capitalists often intimidate the presenters. The key to a good presentation is that you must be well-rehearsed and confident. While rehearsing is all about practice, the confidence of the presenter depends on a myriad of factors.

One of such factors include the contents and designs of your pitch deck. You are more likely to feel confident when you have an outstanding presentation prepared. You can then ride on this confidence to nail your presentation.

Best Pitch Deck – What makes it stand out?

Pitching an idea is a challenge in itself. It takes a lot of willpower and confidence to take the stage and talk about your creation. Also, when you talk about your product in front of investors, you are opening yourself to criticism. It is best to stay cool and calm in situations like these.

A compelling pitch deck tends to deliver your message clearly. Also, it provides important details that allow investors to make a decision on whether they want to invest in your venture or not. The best pitch deck will convince the audience to invest their money in the product. Also, future flow of events help to show that your startup is committed to growth. Follow these steps, and you will have one of the best pitch deck in no time.

Good images have significant positive impact

best pitch deck
Images such as these have a strong aura to them

You can use photography to brighten up your dull slideshow. Images can propagate your message visually. Moreover, emotional images can help you to deliver your message with more force. Furthermore, product photography can show your product in a better light. This could help investors to make a positive decision regarding your pitch.

Moreover, you can use the pictures to tell a story about your product. One image will be enough to communicate one main point. However, the slides should be the supporting material in your investor pitch. They should not be the main point of the audience’s focus. Furthermore, you and your narrative should be the audience’s focus.

Focus on the color scheme if you want the best pitch deck

The study of colors is a science of its own. If used smartly, you can have a beautiful looking presentation that is memorable for the audience and the startup. It is challenging to pick the right color scheme, but if you do, you can expect a brilliant result that can leave the masses in awe.

You should opt for a color scheme that reflects your product’s personality and brand image. Also, the audience should remember the color scheme. Humans tend to remember visual aspects for a longer period than text. Hence, this could easily be in your favor. If you need a template to start creating your pitch deck, go here or download a template from here.

Lastly, the contrast of the text and the slide background is crucial. If the contrast is low, there will be visibility issues in the projection of your pitch deck. High contrast in your backgrounds will make for easy-to-read slides.

All the best pitch decks avoid animations

There are certain reasons why you should steer clear of animations when creating your pitch deck. They bog down your slideshow as added time is required to switch between slides. Moreover, animations distract your audience from the pitch and the topic at hand. Lastly, they do not always go too well in professional settings.

Do not get us wrong, you can use animations, in instances where it can help to elevate the quality of your work. For example, you can use the animations to highlight something crucial in your slide.

The best pitch deck has a memorable end

You should save the best part of your pitch for the end. Apple is well-known for doing this in their keynotes. Surprise is a strong emotion and it can help you to deliver a strong punch.

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