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Uber Business Model – Ride-hailing made easy

Garret Camp came with the visionary idea of a ride-hailing company that would allow the users to call a cab to their location and go about their destination. The idea might have sounded absurd back in 2009, but Uber has come a long way since then. It would not be wrong to say that Uber […]

Airbnb Business Model: Traveling Made Easy

It is crazy how a simple idea such as providing living space and breakfast to visitors at your home can go a long way. This simple idea has changed how people travel around the world. The Airbnb business model has shown that even simple ideas can solve great problems. The business model proposed by the […]

Aggregator Business Model and the Disruption

Aggregator business model has taken the world by storm. You can look around yourself and find multiple companies that use this model. Notable companies that employ this business model include Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Foodpanda, MakeMyTrip etc. This business model has caused significant disruption in all industries. This model picks up an unorganized sector and offers […]

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Are Marketplace and Aggregator Business Models Different?

With the likes of Amazon and Uber dominating their targeted niches, everyone has been wondering how these giants have been able to profit from their business models. These companies are known to be pioneers in their respective categories. Everyone wants to know the secret behind their massive success. Their massive success lies in the business […]