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freemium business model

Freemium Business Model – Psychological Masterpiece

In today’s age, we have various companies offering similar services. When you have so many options, it is normal to feel indecisive. Business theorists understood this notion. Hence, the freemium business model was introduced. The freemium business model has been present for a very long time. Remember when you go grocery shopping and there are […]

ideal business model

Ideal Business Model: Learn How To Make One!

The competitiveness of your startup in the market is based on the strategy that you devise for it. The right business model is a useful tool that helps you gain a sustainable advantage over your competitors.However, it is important for you to know that several key elements constitute a business model. And you require same […]

What is A Business Model and The Different Types of Them

A business model is an integral part of an idea or a venture. A business cannot flourish if it does not have a robust business model and means of revenue generation.  If you are someone with a prototype, your idea is worth nothing if you have not decided a business model yet. Venture capitalists want […]