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The strategy behind Data Analytics.

If you’ve been reading my post, then you’d know that data analytics is the most disruptive technology impacting all the organizations. Everywhere around the world, Businesses are trying to become data-driven. That is, they are using the data to improve their performance. For a new business trying to adopt data analytics, a strategy must be […]

The cools ways in which Spotify recommends music to you.

Today, Spotify is the world’s leading music streaming company with over 150 million years. When it was launched in 2008, streaming music via the internet was already there. But what made Spotify unique was its use of data analytics to curate playlist. Spotify generates an astonishing amount of data each day. It uses these data […]

Data Analytics in Retail Industry.

The competition in the retail market is really high. With the need to satisfy customers and increase profit, the retail companies are using data analytics in all stages of the retail process. The online retail companies like Amazon, e-bay were one of the first to use data analytics in the retail industry. Data Analytics made […]

How Data Analytics is transforming the education sector?

Data Analytics can be used in any industry that produces data. First used in the technology sector, data analytics slowly spread to other industries. Now, it is transforming almost every industry by providing valuable insights. One particular Industry where Data Analytics has worked its magic well is the education sector. Education is the core of […]

Data Analytic Services

Data Analytics is a vast domain that requires intricate knowledge of the data and the algorithm. The big companies in their respective industries are aware of the data analytics and the value it provides. So, they have a team of data analysts, data engineers, business intelligent officer to do the function of data analytics. But […]

The Lifecycle of Data Analytics.

Data Analytics is a complex process that is done in different stages. The stages of the analytic process are laid out as a framework and the framework is developed by considering several approaches such as DELTA framework, CRISP-DM, etc. The data analytics lifecycle process includes data discovery, data aggregation, data model planning, & execution, and […]

Types of Data Analytics

Data Analytics cannot be considered as one single solution to all the problems. There are different types in the analytics process, that are used to different problems in the business organization. One of the important job as a data analyst is to find the right analytic type to be used in the right problem. Some […]

Data Analytics in 2020 and beyond.

In the past decade, organizations have learned the value of their data through analytics. It led to the rise in demand for data analysts, efficient analytic tools, etc. The role of analytics is expanding in the enterprise. It is not only used for decision making or prediction, but for also hiring people, serving customers, optimizing […]

How Fintech companies are using Data Analytics?

Fintech or Financial Technological companies have disrupted the traditional banking system in a good way. Even if you’ve not heard about the term Fintech, the chances are you might’ve used Fintech services. Fintech is the technology applied to the standard financial activities or services. With the introduction of mobile payment, chatbot for customer service, application […]

The key difference between Data Analytics and Data Analysis.

Looks can be deceiving. The term “analytics” and “analysis” may look the same, but there is ever so slight difference between them. In today’s data-driven world, a lack of understanding between two related terms can affect the ability to leverage the data to their absolute potential. While both of them are useful in gaining new […]