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Payments Bank and The Convenience They Bring

The banking sector is expanding in India. Payments Bank is a new banking concept that is being introduced by Reserve Bank of India. India plans on digitizing different sectors. This is one of their baby steps towards a digital India. The idea of payments bank is to provide banking services in regions where banks are […]

eWallet: The Future of Money is Here

It is the dawn of the digital era. We have come across various digital currencies, online banking facilities, and eWallets etc. eWallet is here to stay because of the convenience it offers. Carrying physical money all the time can be a lot of hassle. This is where eWallets come in place. It is an alternate […]

Learn How Paytm Business Model works

It is mind boggling how Paytm affords to pay so much money in cashbacks to their clients. For a company to sustain itself, they need to make profits. So, how does Paytm business model make profit so that the company is afloat and growing? We dive into the gritty details to learn about the cogs […]