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Make Your Pitch Decks Great Again!

Pitch decks are probably the first thing that should be created by a startup or an entrepreneur when a product is in its earlier stages. At early stages of development, startups require funds to develop their products. If money is hard to get by, you can always bring investors on board to help kick start […]

pitch deck analysis

Pitch Deck Analysis That Could Make a Difference

We have collaborated with numerous companies over the period to develop their pitch decks. Also, our collaborative work helped us to gather crucial information that has allowed us to devise a tried-and-tested formula for successful pitch decks. Furthermore, the pitch deck analysis granted us with the knowledge that a pitch deck must consist of a […]

Pitch Deck Design : 10 Guidelines to up your game

When you are a budding startup, you need to maneuver deals with investors to get the much needed capital. A pitch deck design could help you land a deal or break it. So, what is pitch deck and what makes it so important? A pitch deck is the first thing you show to a financier […]

Learn What is a Pitch Deck And How You Can Make One

What is a pitch deck? This is a question that many startups and entrepreneurs ask when they are in the growing phase. It is a presentation put up by a company to provide details about their product or service they offer. With time and experience, they realize how crucial is to have a good pitch […]

Best Pitch Deck Fonts Available on the Internet

When coming up with a pitch deck, the content and the design are the two most important components. You should choose a set of fonts that are clear and easy to read. This is where the design part comes in: color schemes, templates, fonts, etc.  You not only need to pick a design that looks […]