Tinder Business Model: It’s a Match-Made in Heaven!

Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps available on the market. Download the app, swipe, get matches, and go on a date. The dating app has streamlined the process and has made it easier to date new people. Tinder business model has been the talk of the town. The business model has been very effective and the company has grown in the past few years.

Furthermore, Tinder has added new features over the course of its existence. Some of these features are paid. These paid features help to generate revenue for the company.

The Tinder Business Model

The dating app was launched in 2012 by the American company, InterActivCorp (IAC). IAC owns other dating websites as well. The likes of OkCupid, Meetic, PlentyOfFish, and Match etc. are owned by IAC. Moreover, they also own Vimeo, Investopedia, Ask.com, and dictionary.com as well. They currently control over 150 brands associated to internet and media.

The idea of Tinder was to ease the process of creating friendships and relationships with new people. Tinder is popular among the populace because of its unique selling point that is it connects strangers together. Instead of connecting you to people you already know, the app tries you to connect to new people.

This particular idea was fresh to the market at that time. This is the reason why so many new users flocked to use this dating app at that time. The unique business idea of Tinder helped it to win the ‘Best New Startup of 2013’ Crunchie Award, given by TechCrunch.

Learn How Tinder Works

Like other social media platforms, Tinder uses location to send a host of profiles to a user. The user then goes through the profiles and swipes on them. If two users swipe right on each other, it is a match. These two users can then chat with each other.

There are many different aspects that work together to give good user experience to its consumers. Here are some aspects:

Profiles of Users

tinder business model

Anyone over the legal age of 18 can make a profile on Tinder. You can either choose to sign up using your Facebook Account or your mobile number. If you use your Facebook account, Tinder uses your uploaded pictures, basic information, interests, educational and work details to make a profile. In short, Tinder sets up your profile.

It chooses the best pictures from your Facebook account to add it to your profile. These pictures are selected by being ran through an algorithm that decides which pictures would get you the most matches.

If you use your mobile number to sign up, then you need to add all the details to your profile yourself. You can always edit these details whenever you want.

Profiles are one of the key elements of the business model of Tinder.

Location-Based Results

tinder business models

When you create a profile, you are asked to determine a radius. This determines the profiles that are shown to you. Profiles that are within your radius are shown to you.

Swipe: Another Important Aspect of Tinder Business Model

The whole idea of Tinder is based on swipes. If you like a profile, you swipe right on them. If you do not like a profile, you swipe left on them. When two users have swiped right on each other, they are matched by Tinder. This introduces the next feature which is match.

Tinder was the first application to use swipe gestures in this way.


tinder business models

Like mentioned above, two users can finally communicate with each other if they have both liked each other. This allows the users to use the chat interface of Tinder to get to know each other better. You need to get a match before you can start chatting with another Tinder profile.

Super Like: New Addition to Tinder Business Model

Super like was introduced to the app on October 1, 2015. Before first of October of 2015, you could either swipe right or left. Super like was introduced to increase swipe gestures. The idea of a super like is to show emphasis that a profile is greatly interested in you.

Courtesy: Business Insider

Users can either click on the blue star or swipe up on a profile to use super like. All free users get one super like for a day. Super likes do not roll over. When you super like a profile, your profile glows with a blue outline to the other user that you super liked. The blue glow shows that you super liked the other profile.

According to Tinder, your chances of getting matched with a profile increases by three times when you super like them. The effectiveness of a super like is unknown as of yet. Some users have reported that it helps while some users think it does not make much difference.

If you run out of super likes, you can buy them as well.

Tinder Business Model and Revenue

While Tinder started out as a free dating app, the introduction of Super Like was their first step towards built-in micro transactions in the app.

Furthermore, in 2015, Tinder switched to a freemium model. They started to charge fees for location changes and other features. All of the extra features were then later reintroduced as Tinder Plus. It was a paid subscription that brought extra features to its users.

Subscribers of Tinder Plus get access to unlimited swipes, passport (the ability to change your location without moving), 5 super likes, rewind (undo your last swipe), and 1 boost every month.

The subscription fee of Tinder Plus depends on the age and region of the user.

Tinder Business Model: Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold has all the features of Tinder Plus. It has one more extra feature that sets it apart from Tinder Plus. It has a feature known as ‘Likes You’. This tab shows the profiles that you have swiped right on you. Except for Tinder Gold, you cannot tell which profile has swiped on your profile.

tinder business model

This feature allows you to swipe right on the profile that has already liked your profile.

Tinder Gold subscription is more expensive than Tinder Plus.

Sponsored Profiles in Tinder Business Model

Just like Snapchat and its advertisements, Tinder has sponsored profiles which are literally ads between stack of profiles. These ads generate revenue.


Tinder has a freemium model. You can pay to get extra features. Tinder generates revenue from the subscriptions from its users. Moreover, the ads also help to generate revenue.

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