What Data is Google Analytics “Goals” Unable to Track?

If you’ve ever developed a website or an application, then you probably would have known about Google Analytics. It is a free analytics service by Google that gives you insights about how visitors use your website or app. By adding a small amount of code into your software, you can see how your website performs among the visitors.

But there is more to Google Analytics than what’s available on the surface. You can do more with it by adding Goals to your site. With Goals, you can add specific metrics to track that is important for your business. And, there are many useful metrics you can track with it. But there is an important data that Google Analytics Goal is unable to track. Before revealing that, let me say what you can measure with Goals in Google Analytics.

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What you can measure with Google Analytics Goals?

Goals break down into 4 types of measurement,

Destination Goal

When you set a destination goal for a specific page on your website, it tracks the number of users that visit that page. It is useful for tracking how individual pages in your site perform like how many people have visited the “order confirmation page” in your site, etc.

Event Goal

Easily track a specific event like ad click, playing a video, or link click in your site by a user by adding it to the event goal. It tracks whenever that specific event is triggered. This useful goal tracks just about any specific event and is a good analysis tool for your site.

Duration Goal

This goal allows you to track how long a visitor has been using your website. The duration goal is useful in accessing how engaging your site is. You can even add the minimum time for the user to engage to track using this goal.

Page Goal

Instead of tracking the time for the website as a whole, you can track the number of pages in your site that a user visits before leaving. With this, you can know how engaging or dull your site is. So, you can improve it.

What data the Google Analytics “Goal” is unable to track?

The Goals in Google Analytics tracks many metrics that give valuable information about a site, but an important metric that the Goal is unable to collect is Customer Lifetime Value(CLV).

Lifetime Value of a Customer is the prediction of the profit from a customer to your site during their total lifetime. This measurement is important because it lets you know how valuable an individual customer is. It also lets you know how much you can spend to retain existing or acquire new customers.

Customer Lifetime Value is not an interaction that you can measure with numbers but it is a complete metric. It is the reason why you cannot measure CLV with Goals in Google Analytics.

That being said, Goals in Google Analytics provide a complete measure to evaluate the effectiveness of your online presence.

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